Snake Sightings?


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Had been chilly and that rattlesnake did not want to move. Trying to soak up some sun. The same with the last rattler, friend and I were trying to move him along with a stick and he didn't care for moving. I take a lot of pictures and lately have been trying to organize them more in my phone. This thread helped me work on my snakes and crawly things album.


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I was thinking the same thing if you were referring to @TH7 so I clicked his name and it said “Pamlico County”, makes perfect sense haha.
I did the same thing. Once I saw he was from Pamlico or down the county, I knew he was going to have plenty more opportunities for pics.
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Have seen a pile of water snakes while fishing over the past week.....had a garter snake in the yard saturday that my wife sent me a picture of after she killed it lol Almost stumbled on a copperhead down by a local river yesterday......gotta be careful with my 21 month old because he wants to pick up any type of crawling creature.

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A Brown Snake. Lol. The little was just a description but I don't think rhey get much bigger than that one. I haven't seen one in a few years.
Thats what i call them. Yes the technical name is Dekays but they are also commonly called a Brown Snake. And that is about as big as they get.


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Didn't get a picture but I was outside at work today and I see a hawk sitting on the edge of the warehouse, its normal spot. I keep working and catch movement out of the corner of my eye. I look over and the hawk has swooped down and grabbed a snake. about 2ft long and was heading into a tree.