Snake Sightings?


Old Mossy Horns
I saw my “pet” black snake behind the house this evening. Usually see it at least once week. About 5ft long now. First time I’ve seen it this year.


Eight Pointer
had a 3 ft black snake by the house sunbathing, moved a 6ish ft black snake off our road a couple weeks ago. That thing was thick, and not at all scared to strike. pretty though.


Ten Pointer
No pic, but got surprised by a "blackie" about the size of the one @nhn2a showed. He was coiled up in my water hose on the ground sunning in the afternoon sun.


Twelve Pointer
Moved a 3 ft black snake off the driveway at the lake Saturday. Glad I saw em, he wasn’t getting out of the way. Shooed him across the driveway and when I got back in the truck still almost ran him over when he slithered back across going the other way.