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Smoked Spanish Mackeral Appetizer


Ten Pointer
I wanted to try something a little different with the mess of Spanish mackeral I caught over the summer. With the Holiday season fast approaching, I wanted to add to the wild game meals we already enjoy preparing on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Total start to finish time on this for me was around 8 hrs ( 1.5 hrs of actual hands on) with the majority of that time attributed to brining the fish. It’s really pretty simple, so don’t be intimidated and give it a go. Some people would call this a “terrine”.... I just call it good. My family devoured it in no time!


- 16 oz of Spanish mackeral fillets
- 8oz of cream cheese
- 1/4 cup green onion * I’ll use red onion next go round.
- 1 radish chopped
- 2 tablespoons of dill or other fresh herbs
- Zest of one lemon
- Dash of black pepper and nutmeg
- Dash of Texas Pete


1) Dry brine the fillets with half cup of 50/50 brown sugar/salt. Let it sit in fridge for 5-6hrs.

2) Rinse fillets off and pat dry. Return to fridge for another 1hr.

3) Smoke at 215 degrees for 35 min.
*This may vary pending on fillet thickness. I used pecan wood for this particular recipe. Remove and place in fridge for 30 min. to rest. Pick apart and set aside.

4) Mix softened cream cheese to a fluffy texture FIRST. This is a must or you will have trouble combining the remaining ingredients.

5) Add all ingredients except the smoked fish and mix well. Add fish last and use a spoon to fold it in the mixture careful to not break up the fish chunks to much.

6) Place on cling wrap and form desired shape. I chose log form to slice. Put in fridge and let it firm back up.

Garnish however you want and eat with crackers or toasted bread. Trust me when I tell you it will not last long! Enjoy!
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Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
Oh My !!!..that's some kinda good stuff there. We used to use king or tuna and a very similar recipe and can it. The jars didn't last long either. Everything's good when it sits on a Ritz.


Six Pointer
Looks very tasty! I was never much for eating bluefish until I smoked them and made them into a dip. It's a good way to use them when the Spanish aren't biting.


Eight Pointer
That looks awesome! I’ve got some salmon from Alaska in the freezer that I’m going to try this on. Thanks for posting


Ten Pointer
Doing this again for some friends for Christmas. Doubling the batch this time for the family!

Hevi 13. Anson

Twelve Pointer
ABBD we tried your recipe last night with fresh tuna. It was awesome wanted to take pics but guest devoured it. Will double recipe next time. Thanks


Ten Pointer
It’s that time of year again! This app has already been requested for several gatherings. Thinking about mixing in smoked mullet this year...I’m almost out of Spaniards.


Ten Pointer
Be a nice gift for someone that can't eat red meat....... ;) JK
You sir....are so correct...that I’ll drop some off on a December hunt. It’s not my fault though if it all gets ate before you get home. 🤣


Ten Pointer
Starting a double batch now...

This time I will forgo the nutmeg and add:

Garlic powder
Little Chipotle chili powder
Little Paprika