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3 down today. Hunting from the house. One i shot off a log from my office window.
I shot 4 last weekend.

GAMO, .22 cal gen3 fusion whisper. Works great. Alloy pellets.
We live on 3 acres. Neighbors have a 2.5 acre plot on our right with their house behind our Property about 200yds from my house. The other neighbor has about .6 acre on left, woods buffer.
I just get them as their eating our chicken feed.


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Two from two different properties

First was 34 1/2 pounds 6th one out of this pond and I saw the seventh when I approached - reckon it was the mate


Second was taken from a challenging pond (shallow) - weighted 44 lbs even -
3rd from this pond



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First buzzer beater I think in my whole life. Last day of season, and I managed to sneak on one during my daily yard walk, flushed it, and knocked it down. Just in time for my wife's new dulcimer, feathers for a pick. After this, this kill I can confidently say I'm going for the 28 gauge. .410 got it done, but not in an entirely satisfactory way. My motto remains true, sick but not useless.
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