Small game hunting/trapping kills

Do coyote pelts have monetary value or are they mainly trapped to manage populations? I would like to add a tanned pelt to my collection.

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my second yote ever trapping. male unknown weight.

caught on a pipe dream set with yodel dog and wildlife predator control MR1 . set was out for 9 days with no action until this morning.

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#3 for my first season. pissed off male. can't remember the bait and lure since this set sat for almost 2 weeks. step down dirt hole in an old deer scrape. MB550 held with just a toe catch on this one.

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First squirrel I’ve killed with a 22 in years, the last 2 years all the squirrels I’d gotten were with a shotgun over a cur. As luck would have it, the day I go squirrel hunting is the one day the squirrels weren’t very active but the deer sure were. Got this while I was home for the holidays with my late-mother-in-laws Ruger 10/22