Small game hunting/trapping kills


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It was suggested that we set up a kills thread for small game/trapping, so here it is.

Here are some suggestions for info to go along with the post. These are just suggestions. Also, non kill posts will be deleted just like the other kill threads.

Weapon used:
Dogs used (breed and how many if any):
Pics along with any other information you see fit


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I'll kick it off

Date: 11/02/2013
County: Johnston
Firearm used: CZ 452 American w/ Gemtech Ouback IID
Ammo: SK Subsonic HP

Date: 11/08/2013
County: Johnston
Firearm used: CZ 452 American w/ Gemtech Outback IID
Ammo: SK Subsonic HP
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Old Mossy Horns
Rick Dennis and I had a ball in the lowcountry Friday and Saturday evening with a couple of young dogs. They are brother and sister and Ricks Harley female is really making a nice little squirrel dog. I have primarily hunted mine on coons, he will tree squirrels but they aren't his thing at this point.

Sorry for the grainy pics, I forgot my camera. Friday,9.

Saturday evening we had another good hunt, we got 10.


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Date: January 6, 2014
Time of night: 7:25 – 9:25pm
Weather: windy, clear and cold 36 - 25
Weapon: 20 gauge
Coons treed: 0

1 coonhound
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Both killed in december
pender county
savage 17hmr
burris scope

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Annie and a few tree rats

I didn't deer hunt but a few times the year becuase of my young dog Annie. I have had her in the woods every day that i could hunt. Hear are a few Pic of 2013 and 2014 of Annie and some tree rats


Badger Hunter

Rabbit Hunting near Raleigh

Hi, I am eager to start rabbit hunting and am from the Raleigh area. Can anyone tell me an area around Falls Lake area that I could hunt successfully without dogs? Any tips at all eould be appreciated. Total newbie here...

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photo 3 squill.JPG An afternoon with Tootsie Roll. 10 squills. That is 187 we have shot to her this year. We didnt start til after Thx givin..Fun times!!!!!


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DSC_0896.jpgCoyote taken November 20, 2014. 30 yards with 150gr 30-'06, M1903 Remington (Made December 1942).
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Good morning hunt today.
Ran nine cottontails,, got four of them.
Couple of them got in holes. Dogs packed up good