Silcone gun socks inside a safe?

Anybody store their shotguns in silcone gun socks inside their safe just as extra protection? Any negative outcomes in doing this?

Winnie 70

Eight Pointer
41magnum, you are absolutely correct. I have been using a 25 wt bulb for years and the gauge I have in the safe shows no humidity at all...year round no matter the conditions outside. Never have any rust on anything placed in safe and do not have to constantly be oiling your guns. Just replace a bulb now and then and when opening safe you have light to find things.
Once it’s wiped down with silicone rag , your 25 or 40 wt light bulb or Goldenrod should keep humidity out
Just trying to squeeze a few more shotguns into a over filled safe and want to keep them from getting banged up. Really need another safe, but the lady of the house will make me live in my shop if I bring another one in😂