I'm new to bow hunting and was wondering everyones opinion on sights. My dad was an old school bow hunter and loved the one pin sight. I was looking at 5 pin sights but wanted to see what everyone used and why? Thank in advance for all the advice.


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Im a bowhunter and my range with my wheel bow is usually limited to around 40 yards. Any further than that, just too much can happen between release and impact, so that's my personal limit. I use a 3 pin Trophy Ridge sight at present and like it. My traditional bow has no sights at all.


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I’ve shot em all. I like a clean sight picture because I shoot a ton of arrows at targets. Only 10-15 at animals a year. I choose a single pin. Deer hunting out of a stand 80% of the time. Set the kill up at 8-25yds. Pin says on 20in the stand. If the deer is at 30yds pin goes dead center on the deer. If the deer is at 40 the pin goes right under the top line on the deer. If the deers at 25 and under the pin goes in his or her arm pit. Targets I practice at 70yds, as long as I can stretch at home.. I love that single clean pin to float around and execute my shot. Not to blow smoke up my own arse but I’m very familiar with killing deer and my personal set up. Even when I change arrows/bows etc. I recognize quick the trajectory of the arrow and how to hunt with the single pin. If I had to go back 15yrs I would go back to 3-5 fixed pins so there would be no confusion. If I hunted out west and had to shoot stuff from 10-80yds I would have fixed moving pins. So I could have a “floater” pin out to 100yds.

So my advice is to you. Get a fixed pin sight. Keep 2 pins, one on 20 and one for 30. Hunt and shoot it for a few seasons. Get to where you can shoot archery groups 1” for every 10yds. 20yds 2” 30yds 3”. Not every arrow but pretty consistent. When you feel good in a few seasons buy a nice life time sight. I choose a sureloc sportsman special. Not the most expensive but one of the best, hard, easiest simplest sights on the market.

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I prefer a three pin fixed design although I'm currently using a 5 pin IQ sight. I like the fixed pins so there is less to mess with when the animal comes out. I like the clearer sight picture of a three pin but on my 5 pin I have the pins set from 20-60yrds. I wouldnt shoot an animal beyond 30 personally but I enjoy practicing at 60 yards as it has really helped improve my form and my shooting. Now the 20 to 30 yrd shots almost seem too easy. I would highly recommend the IQ sights also. They have a retina built in that helps to make sure you're anchoring the same each time and not torquing your bow when you shoot. When I moved to that sight, it really helped tighten up my groups. I'm sure with more experience that wouldn't be as big of an issue but I've only been bow hunting for a few years now.


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I shoot the single adjustable pin (optimizer ultra) from HHA. I really like their sights and have had great results with their products. Being that you are just starting out I would see if a single pin is right for you before investing in a higher end sight though.
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I'm a fan of the single pin sights. I shoot a spot hogg Fast Eddie XL with the double pin in the single up pin setup. Best of both worlds in my opinion.
Same sight here. I’ve shot a multitude and it’s by far my favorite. Durable, accurate, and effective.

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Huge fan of a single pin sight. Currently shooting the HHA Optimizer Tetra on my newest rig. I like the lack of clutter. I set my stands up for most shots to be under 25 yds and usually leave the pin locked at 20, but the adjustability is there if needed. Never have been a fan of multi-pin sights, something about it just gets too busy for me, especially at longer ranges.


I like a clean sight picture but I also like to minimize the amount of guessing/hold over that I have to do or trying to adjust my site on a deer that has moved and changed ranges so I just switched to a multi pin slider from Montana Black Gold. I really like it so far. It has 5 pins in it now which is more than I want so I am going to remove some pins, just trying to decide if I want 3 pins or only 2. I would say start with a simple multi pin sight (3 or 4 pins) and then look towards a single pin site if you think the view is too cluttered with the multi pin. Learning on a multi pin teaches you how to shoot distances that are not the exact distance that your pin is set for (ie where to put the pin to shoot at 37 yards if your pins are set for only 20/30/40 yards) which is a very valuable skill with a single pin site in a hunting situation.


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Personal preference. Virtually all of my shots on deer are under 30 yards and having a 5 pin sight at 10 yard increments means I don't have to do a lot of "gapping" while in the tree. Practice an awful lot - the things that can go wrong in a tree are legion, and yardage estimation mistakes are among the most common. I would invest in a rangefinder - use it for practice, use it when you get in the stand, and use it on everything. It's a companion to your sight.

If all my shooting was going to be on the 3d course I'd use a single pin, but my comfort level in the tree is better with a multiple.


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I use a Trophy Ridge 5 pin. I also use a range finder in the stand to range surrounding trees. Things happen so fast that I don't have time to actually range the deer.


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I shoot a hha kingpin. With a fast bow I set my pin on 27 yds and I can kill deer from 0-40 by holding center of the vitals.

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