Showing property today...


Old Mossy Horns
Meeting with a possible future client to look at a house and the lot it sits on and while we were down at the woodline (well in the city limits) this girl comes out and right up to me. Pretty interesting experience. She’s in an area where hunting isn’t an issue and she’s known to the neighbors there. A48EE366-0DB6-4B2D-86AB-8A36A57CA3E0.jpeg


Ten Pointer
I have a doe that I have named Helen she has a scare on her side so I know it is the same deer, she comes in my yard a lot and she will let me get within 10 ' of her before she starts to walk away amazing they can be so courious towards you.


Six Pointer
also have a doe we call momma because of all the little ones she puts out.
known her for about 8 years ( she has 2 white spots on her nose) , she will come to the back yard while i'm there but not within 25' or so.