Should wildlife officers have more flexibility to issue warning tickets?


Old Mossy Horns

E1. Updates the list of offenses for which warning tickets are prohibited and removes the specific list of offenses for which warning tickets may be issued.

Justification: Law enforcement officers routinely encounter situations where a violation has occurred and the issuance of a warning ticket instead of a citation is appropriate. However, because specific violations for when warning tickets can be issued are listed in this rule, enforcement options are limited. This proposal will allow enforcement officers more flexibility to issue warning tickets

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
as written the justification seem logical.
so yeah give them flexibility.
as the GOAT says: Rules are for people that cant make decisions.


Four Pointer
Absolutely. Removing Officer discretion from the equation is absurd. Wildlife Officers that have been stationed in an area know who the dirtbags are pretty quickly. Most know when a warning is appropriate and when to lower the boom. To not allow their discretion and local knowledge in a situation is ridiculous.


Twelve Pointer
If the warning tickets were recorded so that the same jack ass can’t keep getting warned.... I would be ok with it


Eight Pointer
If you get caught in NC by a game warden you should probably get the ticket. I say that because the chances of getting caught are a lot smaller than say a sheriff deputy. If he actually catches someone breaking the law they probably already broke it a hundred times that was there warning.