Shameless brag


Old Mossy Horns
So back in the mid 90’s, the very first centerfire rifle I ever bought brand new was a Rem 700 Classic in 25-06. I loved that rifle. I killed a lot deer with it. I sold it to a buddy, he killed a lot of stuff with it and then a few years later he sold it to a buddy and he kept on killin’ with it. Luckily, I’d told him if ever sold it, I’d like first dibs. Well about 10 years ago, he asked if I wanted to buy it back. I did. I picked up with where we left off. Gun has always been a great shooter regardless if factory or handloads. This gun has killed pile after of deer. I would guesstimate a number but most either wouldn’t believe me, or wanna put me in jail😂😂
The gun was looking very tired. Bluing was rubbed off in places on the barrel and hinge plate basically only had about 10% bluing left on it. Original stock looked like we’d drug it behind the truck. I decided ol girl needed a makeover. Took it to a gun smith near my house, barrel was black nitrided and rest was cerakoted. Put a new stock on it and set a new 4x12x50 Burris on it. I’m loving it!! She turned out better than I could’ve ever hoped!!


Eight Pointer
Nice! I’m not a rifle guy but can appreciate the journey and what you’ve done to revive her! Congrats, great story!👌