SC Antler Record book


Old Mossy Horns
Took the SC 9 pointer from a few years back and last years SC 8 pointer today to be scored…

The 9 point made SC books … the 8 fell just shy.. thank you Jesus!

Ps what’s interesting is I would’ve never guessed BUT the 2 gross within 1-1/8” of each other… deductions got me on the 8 pointer



Eight Pointer
I remember your story of shooting that SC buck out of your JX3 and IIRC you thought you missed it?

Congratulations either way!


Twelve Pointer
Those are some nice deer,congratulations for getting in the record. Those two come out of the same area? Same gene pool?


Six Pointer
Congratulations those are really nice! It would be nice if NC had a similar recognition program. I know that there is one already in place for fish.