Savage 10ML-II Rifle and accessories


Six Pointer
I posted this on Classifieds but thought it might get more views here.

I am posting this for a friend.
He has a Blued, synthetic stock, 10ML-II Rifle for sale.

Following is what he told me about it:

If interested, PM me and I will give him your contact info.

Savage 10ML-II
75-100 shots through it
Synthetic stock
Scope bases and 1" rings
35 225gr .452 FTX bullets
5 Hornady hp 300gr bullets w/sabots
2 spare vent liners
Breech plug tool
APPROX 300 MMP black sabots
Owners manual
He wants $800 for the works.



Good price for a great ML. Just wish he was interested in a trade. This wont last long.


Eight Pointer
Agree - good price for what comes with it. I'd be all over it if I did not already have one just like it. Shot mine 3x when I originally got it about 3 yrs ago, just to sight in the scope. However, each black powder season since that time, I have had to travel for work . . . maybe I will be able to break the streak this year . . .