Same buck


Old Mossy Horns
What ya think?
Last pic is blurry but rack has a similar shape. Would be nice if it is since I very rarely see a buck from 1yr to the next.
Same location as previous year, top pic 2020(date is wrong) bottom 2021.


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Old Mossy Horns
Unless it’s a stupidly stand out specimen, for me to confirm it is the same deer I need daylight/color photos to compare distinct coloration traits. You can’t go off curvature alone because I’ve shot deer that had a doppelgänger a few miles down the road. I’ve also shot deer with identical looking racks other than maybe one had a little more length.


Old Mossy Horns
No. 2 different deer, both 2.5 years old at he time of picture.

Eventhough he's not big ,for this paticular farm that deer in the bottom pic has alot of bone for a 2.5yr old.
Body does lean toward 2.5 but hard to say, thats the only pic I have so far.
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