Sako A7


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Anyone shoot one of these? Just purchased one in .308 (debated between that the 6.5 CM... looking what ammo to start with. Thanks


Twelve Pointer
168gn-175gn smk federal gold metal match or black hills.
Should show you what the rifle will do. The bullets come in a tipped match king and I would hunt with it.

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Twelve Pointer
Just punching paper I'd buy bulk fmj and/o rmatch ammo and break the barrel in. My go to factory round is Federal Gold Medal GM308M with the 168gr Sierra Matchking bullet. For hunting pick up a few boxes and see what your rifle likes best.

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richard corn

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I've got one in .308 also. Sweet shooter. Likes Sierra 168gr with 45gr of Varget or 44.5gr of IMR 4064. Can't go wrong with opinion it's the best production rifle made