S&W 1500 (Howa) rifle


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Bought this 30/06 today for a helluva deal. Thanks much @chatham/kj !!
Best I can tell it was made in the late 80's. It's got a very smooth bolt, factory adjustable trigger, and a DNZ scope mount. Have a Redfield Rebel 4-12x40 scope on the way. Now to get to work loading up some ammo for it.
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I had one of those mid 1980s S&W 1500s,,, mine was in 7mm Mag,,, loved it,, Howa made some good rifles back then


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I got the weatherby style .25-06 sporter in my pic above with for $500....The black stocked one in my pic above. It came with a Nikon Buckmasters scope, Timney trigger, Bell & Carleson stock, ~120 rounds of loaded ammo, Lee dies, and enough components (brass & projectiles) for another 100 rounds. It's probably the best gun deal i've ever got, and probably the best i'll ever get...lol. Older guy built it for a pronghorn setup, went out and took a pronghorn, and wanted to let it go to someone who would get some use out of it.

I just picked up the gray stocked Howa in .308 win for $750. Has a 20" threaded barrel, Bell & Carlson M40 stock, MDT rail, and 100 once fired Norma Brass. 100 rounds through it. Just picked up a Vortex Eagle 4-16X 42 scope from Academy at 50% off for it. $150 and normally $300. Pretty decent setup for $900 all in.

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All those commercial Mauser-style actions are similar and tend to be bedded the same to make them even more accurate than coming from the factory. A few minutes with a dremel and some bedding material of choice and you can have an almost bulletproof hunting set up. The one piece mounts make it even more sturdy.

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Laser bore sighted. Surprisingly the clicks are more positive than on the Revolution. Initial thoughts are this has VX1 type glass. Will know better once on the range.