Rut active or not


Four Pointer
Is anyone seeing any rut active out there? I am hunting in Randolph County. Good luck all and Be Safe out there. God Bless.


Old Mossy Horns
Yep, walking land to list, the woods in Randolph and Davidson Counties are full of rubs and scrapes, also seeing more deer kills on highways, it's on...


Four Pointer
Pre rut going on in most places that I have seen in central area. I wouldn't say the rut is full on there. Maybe toward the coast or va line it may be in more full swing. Action on this site really picks up when the rut is on and deer are being seen and taken more frequently. You will notice a "spike" in activity on the site. (See what I did there?)

sky hawk

Old Mossy Horns
We usually see our best action from Nov. 5th-25th in Davidson and Randolph. We do NOT get much daylight action before that time. Some folks love late October, but I never see much daylight activity in our area until several days after the calendar flips. Of course the sign shows up sooner.

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
I saw most every type of rut activity except breeding yesterday afternoon in an hour's time.
the most amazing thing was the first doe out of the cover stopped and peed for a long time.
Every buck that showed up later (and they all came in from different trails/entrances) found that spot.
I thought one of them was going to roll in it like a dog. the wind made my set up bullet proof and deer were everywhere and they didn't get me. perfect set up.

Of course none of the bucks had any business breeding anything but their own legs but they didn't know that. :)
Hopefully there are some older ones that can show them the ropes.
to answer your question canmed, you just have to see what YOUR deer are doing. but if you wait you may miss some chances.
The best hunters I know thrive during this period. before the world has a clue on rut activity they are around old does that they know by name and have passed for years. their experience is the old ones come in first and attract the biggest stuff in the woods.

their walls indicate it works for them. point is don't wait if you can go. you never know.


Ten Pointer
I'm in Randolph as well. Lots of scrapes and rubs showing up. Haven't seen any chasing yet but it's getting close.

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Old Mossy Horns
Very little up at the Rock. Should pick up once get another frost. Same in Harnett county. Pre rut activity. Small rubs and scrapes. The big boys have yet to start cruising 24 / 7. Wont be long though.
There is always that one buck that will get the itch. ;)


Ten Pointer
Not above 2000’ yet.

I walked 6 miles between 1700-3000’ yesterday and saw fewer horned trees than in my 4acre woodlot in Clemmons.

Lots of bucks gonna die next weekend in the NW season if the weather stays cool.

Hevi 13. Anson

Ten Pointer
Watched small bucks cruise a bean field yesterday. Does came in near dark to eat ,2 mature bucks came in together on opposite end of field and didn't pay does any attention