RugLin - *updated 10/7*

45/70 hunter

Twelve Pointer
Anyone planning on buying one of the new Ruger built Marlin rifles? Plans are to start shipping 4th quarter of this year which should be soon. Assuming the models stay the same I plan on getting a 44 Magnum 1894 as soon as they come out.


Old Mossy Horns
I plan to buy one or 5!
I want a threaded lever gun in 38, 30-30 andd 44 maybe 45-70

Lever guns make great supressed guns.


Twelve Pointer
Yeah, my son confiscated my pre Remington 336 a while ago, so I've been without for a while.

It wouldn't hurt my feelings to have one in 30-30

and 357

and 44

and 45 colt.....