Ruger Lcr?


Eight Pointer
Anyone CCW a Lcr in any flavor? I have a 357 model that I bought right after they came out and while I like the gun I have a hard time with pocket carrying it, if you carry one what's your preferred carry method with it?


Twelve Pointer
I've front-pocket carried a gun for almost 40 years now and most of my pants did not accommodate a small (5-shot) revolver very well. It's the #1 reason why I switched to a small auto for pocket carry some years ago.

When I did briefly carry a small revolver at my waistband, I used a thin inside the waistband holster worn at about the 2 o'clock position. This is just my personal inclination, but once I'm forced to carry on the belt, I'm going to carry something besides a small revolver.

Good luck with your search for something that works for you .... it can be tedious sometimes and it's why most of us gun-nuts have a drawer full of unused holsters.


Ten Pointer
41 summed it up. I had the .38 version and couldn't pocket carry it.

I have a shield that i carry now and it carries better.

I love revolvers, but not my prefferred cc.

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Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
I used to back pocket carry a .38 snubby. Now it's either a high appendix carry owb or iwb or front pocket carry. Dunlap disease prevents anything iwb in the front.


Twelve Pointer
I carry my LCR in a high ride pancake holster OTB at 4'oclock. Easy to conceal that way with a T shirt and even easier to get to than pocket carry IMO.


Twelve Pointer
I carry a similar sized 638 S&W wheelgun in a kydex pancake holster and an IWB holster. If it gets pocket carried it goes in a vest or coat pocket in an Uncle Mikes pocket holster.

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