Ruger 10/22


Travis summed it up. 👍 I’ve had mine since 87. Fun rifle. one of the break down models is in my bucket list.


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They’re handy lil rifles, easy to customize to fit diff needs and reasonably accurate. Deffinately one of those guns everyone should have in their safe for plinking if nothing else.

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Spot on. I can shoot about 1000 rounds between cleanings and mine never misses a beat.

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^^X100% to what has been stated above. I think it is one of the best firearms to get a youngster. Then, like it was said, you can customized it too whatever you like.


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Probably one of the most popular rifles in America. Very easy to shoot and reliable. Lots of aftermarket/custom parts to make it as fancy as you feel like. Or do nothing and it works fine too. Would highly recommend. If for a kid I'd start with a single shot or bolt action though, for safety purposes while learning to handle a gun.


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My 10/22 has "Made in the 200th year of American freedom " stamped on the barrel. Bought it when I lived in Colorado. I would buy a brick of shells every weekend to shoot jackrabbits and prairie dogs. That gun probably has north of 25,000 rounds through it and I have never had a problem with it. Looks like hell but still a great gun.

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I have owned at least a dozen 10/22 rifles and carbines since I turned 18. They have all been modified in some way as they are like a Lego set for adults who like to shoot.

There are a couple of mods that will help without costing a ton of money or time. A bolt buffer, a better extractor and better than factory sight setup will help you enjoy your 10/22 better. There's no end to the amount of time, money and parts you can throw at a 10/22 and I'd caution against spending a lot of money on one before you cover the basics.

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I thought owning a 10/22 was a requirement for being allowed to post on this site? Or to be a man? something like that...

But in all seriousness... If you are interested in a 10/22 you need to stop being interested and start being happy with your purchase because they are fantastic guns. Get you some CCI or Federal Bulk box stuff (I personally hateeee remington golden bullets).. You really dont need to clean a .22 much at all. Cleaning the barrel will screw with your accuracy more than anything. Just shoot the snot out of it.