Rolled another one out today


Old Mossy Horns
Thanks guys, with all this stuff going on aluminum deliveries has been crazy but it is on again. Starting another one tomorrow or Friday depending on when the delivery truck rolls up.


Old Mossy Horns
Really like that.
Everytime I see that makes me think what would an aluminum trailer hunting box look like. The wood I use now is a little heavy but can take a beating.


Four Pointer
very nice work, see you also have a tool box, so could be made larger for those that want.
what is your guess on the weight ?


Twelve Pointer
Don't that purty! as Justin would say, love the water tank, saw it right off.
We had those out west on the cougar trucks.


Old Mossy Horns
Well since the supply truck let us down I thought this weekend was going to be a bust. Yesterday got to looking around and figured we could build a full size slide in out of shorts and scraps.

Today we went at it and in a couple more hours we will have it. We have sure done a bunch of digging for materials but all is left to do is build the doors and skin it3122DA83-274F-4E99-B3E1-B9065EEC7803.jpegBC8A7230-71EC-44C9-B159-F9931F8A3A84.jpegCFC0144B-1D34-47EC-BA68-DB9E75EC05C1.jpeg
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