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First post here, so I figured I'd ask for some advice. My oldest daughter has really taken to fishing lately, and as a result so have I. I haven't fished seriously since I was young, and then it was just a bamboo pole and crickets. Right now she has a telescopic rod I think I picked up at wal-mart, but I am trying to figure out what kind of setup she needs. Any suggestions on rod/reel setups for someone just starting out would be much appreciated.

I'll throw these fun facts out there just in case they can answer any questions that might help with the advice. Two primary fishing spots will be Gaston, and Carolina Lakes in Harnett. Bass and catfish are the target. Just got a '88 Procraft bass boat so we could get off the land, and increase our chances a little, so we will likely be fishing off the boat most of the time. She's tiny, barely 4'11 and won't likely get much taller (not sure if it matters, but figured it might determine the length of the rod). Don't want to spend a fortune, but this appears to be more than a flash in the pan hobby for her, seems like it's something she's really into. Additionally, if my teenage daughter is begging me to take her fishing rather than the list of other things kids her age are doing, how can I put a price on that? Thanks in advance for the input. Look forward to conversing with everyone.

*Pic of the boat we just picked up



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I would probably start her out with a 6'1/2 to 7' med heavy rod with a matching open faced spinning real,spooled with 12 - 14 lb test mono line, basic but will get the job down and simple to cast.


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Id say look into an ugly stick as well. I would not go to heavy on the rod action. My fishing gear has been set in stone for years, but there are some uglysticks in the mix. You can probably find an ugly stick combo for a decent deal at cabelas or bass pro. I like rods in lighter action as opposed to heavier. I dont think i have anything bigger than a medium in freshwater stuff. The only items bigger would be for catfish or saltwater.


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Ill also say that i would go ahead and buy 2 combos for her. An ultralight combo and another bigger combo for bass. In freshwater, the ultralights i have see more action than any other rods/reels.

If i am solely fishing for bass, i carry a bigger rod/reel. But my go to is normally an ultralight.


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I would recommend braid fishing line. A little easier to manage than mono. I run braid on all my kids spinning reels and have very few issues and it cast great.


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Thanks for the input. I think I will combine those, and see what I can come up with. Much appreciated.
My brother is a novice as well and he picked up a 6' spinning reel by Ugly Stick, which was left in my boat and I've been using it for Crappie....I had to set down my $100 rod reel combo it felt too good and straight up caught fish haha. They make a great combo for a good price.


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Shakespeare makes an Ugly Stik lite spinning rod.

I have one. Not bad for the cheap price


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Some kids have trouble with open faced reel if can use Ugly stick combos like these guys mentioned are great good thing about fishing is you can have as much fun with zebco 33 as a 200 dollar comb. Hope y'all catch lot fish have ball spending time.

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IMO the reels on the new ugly stick combos are junk.

I bought a lews combo a while back and I prefer it over any ugly stick I have. The reel is awesome and the rod itself is perfect for fishing plastics.

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I usually buy a stand alone ugly stik and a $40-50 Shimano/Okuma reel and load up with braid.

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Get her the same open face rig you like. If interest drops, no worries. If you can get the same rod you like, you can always paint it to customize for her. (Dupli-a-color automotive paints are fantastic.) Take time to mask off the guides and the handle and paint it whatever color she would like.


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my vote would be a run of the mill ugly stick combo.

when she proves she wants to continue to fish, get her a nicer one for her birthday or some other occasion. that way, she learns on the cheapo and if it gets damaged it's no big deal.
I was gonna say the same


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Even a bigger Shakespeare rod for cats isn’t bad on price. I beat the crap outta mine and it still works great. @nccatfisher might have more input he’s given me sound advice on all things cats