Old Mossy Horns
I would love to see racing come back to The Rock. Would be good for the area. I'm hesitant to go all in on Roy Cooper doing anything without an ulterior motive. There's got to be a certain amount of trying to grab some of us "good ol' boy's" votes over on his side. Gonna be kind of difficult to get any of the current NASCAR track owners to give up one of their dates. I haven't kept up with everything but I don't remember hearing NASCAR saying anything about adding any dates to their schedule. It will be interesting to see where this goes.


Twelve Pointer
I have heard that they are looking to make some changes in the 2020 time frame. Mid week races at smaller tracks. That was from Larry Mac and Ray everham on Sirius a few months back. Also Dale Jarret Dale jr and Jeff burton were trying to promote it on Dale jr s show. If that's cup xfinity trucks or k&n I do not know.


Old Mossy Horns
Sure would be nice take away one these boring run circles for 3 hours races and give the rock back


Eight Pointer
I'd love to see them come back to the Rock. I enjoyed going there over any other track I've been to.