Rifle and Scope combo


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Not the person to ask, but I’d ask him if he’s maxing out his current set-up, assuming he has one. If he’s not comfortably shooting 250yds + (random number) here then what makes him think he needs something that will poke further?
I agree with this. He better be comfortable with long ranges to hunt mulies, never been to idaho but in sw nebraska 300 or better is a normal shot. I got lucky with my mulie this year at 175 with my peep sighted 35rem

Dan Apple

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Whatever you can find ammo for!
Was waiting for someone to say that.... My first initial thought was find the ammo first then buy a gun to shoot it with...

As others have said, caliber won't matter as much as the shooters ability.... BUT, go ahead and get something that will kill it dead. minimum 30-06 in my book.... I shoot a 7mag for everything from our whitetails to elk.

I know plenty of people that kill things with small stuff and will argue about the 243 etc.... even some 22 calibers... Heck I know a guy that deer hunts with a .204. - The way I look at it is "why take the chance?" and "why hunt it twice?" Once before you shoot and once after.... Get a gun that will kill it dead and learn to use it with precision.


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300 win mag with a Leopold vx2 or 3 scope with 50 mm objective with at least 9 power zoom...if its longer range 16 power will help,,people say high power makes you move too much, it doesn't it only shows how much you are actually moving...300 win mag is fine he will have on thick clothes to reduce felt recoil face it if your bullet hits the same spot on a mulley at 300 yards wouldn't you rather have a heavy 30 cal or a lighter 27 caliber