Remington 597 for $120


Twelve Pointer
A can of Krylon would fix the color of that stock in pretty short order.



Ten Pointer
A can of Krylon would fix the color of that stock in pretty short order.

Classic Firearms has the same rifle for $111 and I also found these...



Old Mossy Horns
Next time throw it my way. About 100.00 of aftermarket parts I could change your mind about one of those sorry guns.
I think Remington has since pretty much solved the issue. Best I remember it was mostly magazine related. I remember when they first came out they were terrible. We were filming a Fur and Fangs video and there was two in the group and they had to bleep about half of the footage. It didn't help that we were laughing at them either.


Eight Pointer
Mine was accurate as any gun could be, but the sorry mags and the 35# trigger really pissed me off. That gun sat in the closet for about 10 years before I decided to see what I could do about at. A new mag, target hammer and trigger spring turned that gun from a boat anchor to the first one out of the closet, at least until I got the Magnum Research 22 last year.


Twelve Pointer
A word of advise, leave them pink. They are more easily found when you sling them down through the woods when you get mad at them. As I have seen several launched for that very reason.
I've owned 4 of them. The only one that has stayed is the .22WMR version. The mags say they hold 8 rounds and only reliably hold and run 5 or 6. It is still a handy little atv/tractor/farm carbine though.

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