Reloading factory ammo


Twelve Pointer
So I have a bunch of factory 30-06 that shoots like crap in my gun. Gun shoots moa with other ammo. I am not a reloader but have worked with a guy and have learned a little about loads when working with him on some we put together. This Remington factory ammo is "hot" and the bullets are the old 180 grain soft point. I don't think the bullets are stable out of my gun. My gun doesn't like hot loads with long bullets. I'd like to do one of two things. Either measure the load and possibly reduce it and/or replace the bullets with some 150 grain bullets that I have. I know the old timers used to do this with milsurp back in the day. Anybody up for the challenge to help a newbie out? I'll make it worth your while.


Old Mossy Horns
Only option for that ammo is to pull it dump powder and start over with the case and bullet.
There is no way to know the type, age or history of the ammo or powder.

What people did in the day was to pull say a 150 grn FMJ then replace the bullet with a PSP or BT type bullet to hunt with. Most never changed powder, weight or anything.
Just replace bullet with like BC bullet for hunting.

What you are talking about is this, changing bullet weight, powder weight and bullet design.
Not really something safe to do.

Best to just burn the ammo then reload or look factory load that will work.


Twelve Pointer
How much ammo do you have? I've shot a lot of deer with 180 grain Remi's. And how big are your groups? If it will group 5 shots in 2 MOA at a 100 it's probably fine for hunting out to reasonable distances.

And one other option would be to just sell the entire lot and use the money to purchase what you want. Or invest in a press.


Twelve Pointer
I do have it for sale or trade but it's not ammo that anyone would want. This might be hard to believe but at 100 yards it's like 10" or more and all over the place. This was my last range trip with the gun. When I tried it at 100 yards with that "busy" target I couldn't even tell where it hit.


Twelve Pointer
What bullet weight does shoot well in your gun? If the answer to that is different than the 180's you have, I would suggest pulling the bullets, dumping the powder and reloading to what works. If you are having luck with that weight, pull, dump and reload with a powder and charge weight that your gun likes while reusing your tips. I do not recommend reusing the powder at all as nobody but the manufacturer actually knows what it is. It is probably a proprietary mix with added filler that could get a reloader in a mess.