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People keep repeatedly saying that people should have to earn their degree. By paying for it...

We are saying folks should pay for their own education. They EARN their degree by doing the school work necessary for that education.

Here is the down and dirty of it: If YOU have something invested in ANYTHING, be it time, money etc. YOU are going to do your best NOT to waste your investment.

If someone else invests time or money into something that YOU will benefit from, then you will not be inclined to work as hard to recoup someone else's investment, and many will very well squander it completely.
This results in less qualified work force, because they didn't give it their all in school, because what did they have to lose?

There are PLENTY of opportunities to get a free education. Grants, scholarships, internships, etc. I have NO problem with folks who get a free education by going these routes, because they have enough "get up an go" to find, apply and work for them. That is their investment, and proves they WANT an education bad enough to do what it takes to get it.


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Real life example:
My youngest went to school paid half of it herself = working in that field she went to school for
Son got half paid for 3 years, attended 2 more years on his nickel = working in the field he went to school for
Oldest daughter decided school wasn't for her, years later someone helped her fill out the paperwork for a student loan for $15,000 = doing nothing and has no concept of reality or worry about paying that money back
Same house, same parents same values in that house - i have no answer why the difference between the kids but i am not willing to agree to free education with a 66% success rate


Old Mossy Horns
Real life example of my slacker kids that got their whole education paid for:

Older daughter got a BS in Biology in 3.5 years. Worked for pharmaceutical company. Now attending law school.

Younger daughter got BS in Chemical Engineering in 3 years. Working for pharmaceutical company. Just made team lead with less than 2 years of experience. Bought a new house at age 22.

Just think what they could have accomplished if I made them work for their degrees.

Forgot to add. They had a terrible role model for a mother. She got her microbiology degree in 3 years and her PhD in 5 years. Now she is a Sr. Director for a pharmaceutical company. Her parents paid for her education.
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Alright guys. I've said my piece plenty of times. Not gonna argue in circles on this for another day. I understand some of you disagree and have your reasons and thoughts for doing so. Was a decent discussion for the most part.