Red Dot on shotgun with Buckshot


Six Pointer
The other thread about guns used with hounds got me thinking so I will ask a question.
Where I hunt with hounds, buckshot is the only thing that we can use legally. I know I have missed deer when I do not put my cheek on the stock so I was thinking of putting a red dot on my scatter gun to ease target acquisition.
So, my question is, anybody ever tried to use a red dot on a shotgun with buck shot use?

Buffet Trout

Ten Pointer
Works well… larger dots help “forecast” the shot pattern, too…I use a cheap $100 bushnell and it works well…it’s actually sighted in on a slug but works with the shot

I don’t use it much bc I can use a rifle, but it works well


Six Pointer
Thanks ya'll. Thats what I was looking for. I was kind of leaning toward getting another Burris and making the gun a dedicated Deer gun with hounds. Now, I know that is what I am going to do