Recommendation for a Gun Smith in the Wilmington Area?

Mechanic Bob

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Major restoration to a Over/Under Shotgun. Major barrel rework required. Long story, but the gun was stolen, 40 yrs ago, and now being returned. But it looks like the gun was left outside for a few years.
Like to find one in the Near Wilmington area.


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may have to drive some if ya want to drop off

I'd rather mail it out of state should the need arise, personally.

Baxter Canady was in my Gunsmithing School back in the 80's and is in St Pauls, I think.

Someone here posted his info a month or so ago if ya do a Search.


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I'll second Canady's. I'm not sure if Stumpies in Swansboro will do the work you need? But it won't hurt to check.