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Rate Your Season

Redneck Rocker Dude

Old Mossy Horns
I know some will be hunting urban archery but for the sake of those who are done till next year how would you rate your season?

I'd have to give mine an A-. Only reason for the A- is because this is the first year in a long time I didnt kill anything with horns on it. Only saw 2 true shooters and I couldnt get a shot on one, the other one snuck in behind me during a dog drive about an hour later and I never touched him although I shot once or twice.

I did kill 3 does in front of hounds with my papas old shotgun this year, who I lost in January. All 3 nearly had me in tears as much as they meant so I cant complain.

Had the safety off while still hunting on a nice little 8 but couldnt bring myself to shoot him. A little boy killed him running dogs friday as his first buck so I'm not complaining at all.

Memories made and time spent with my hunt club family are more important than any horns on the wall.

How bout yall?

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Old Mossy Horns

My season sucked,just like the last 3.

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Old Mossy Horns
Set in the stand 36 times between, Harnett and Rockingham county. Seen deer every time but 3. Did not see a buck one up in Rockingham county. Seen more deer this year here in Harnett than ever before.
Shot a nice buck Thanksgiving day morning. Never found nothing but hair. Gonna look for what's left now that the season is over. Looked like my bloodhound found what was left yesterday . Had to give him a good bath.
I would rate the season in Harnett with an A+.
Rockingham county was a disappointment. Weather never cooperated . Lot of acorns and food plots did not come in till after Thanksgiving.
C- for Rockingham county
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Old Mossy Horns

My season sucked,just like the last 3.

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I talked with my dads best friend last night in Northampton and he said they dont see the deer they use to around the Margarettsville area. Dont feel bad. I knew back in 2011 it was just a matter of time. People killing 15 to 20 deer and farmers going to cotton and no beans and peanuts being grown like before. Just a shame. He said they still see good hunting along the meherrin river .


Twelve Pointer
for the sake of those who are done till next year
Don't know why you're waiting until 2021 ;)

If I based my rating on past seasons... F Minus. Seeing deer was not an issue, it is on me for being picky. I passed bucks many of you would shoot and doe numbers were very below normal. Didn't help neighboring bean fields were not combined until 2 weeks ago.

No shortage of meat in my freezers. I will go after small game with my soon to be 5 year old. Really all I've been thinking about was deer season to close so we could go without spooking deer into hunters.


Eight Pointer
C. Killed a 7 pointer opening day of muzzle loader season, saw very few deer since then. Only 3 sitings since before thanksgiving. Happy for the one i got, but sure could have used another.


Twelve Pointer
A to A+.... killed several between 2 states. Had an absolute blast during archery.

Killed my 2nd best archery buck in VA on the opener. Killed a 9pointer during rifle.

Weird rut but still enjoyed every minute of it


Six Pointer
I've had two slow seasons in a row, but I don't see them as bad seasons. I killed a few deer for meat. It is the first year in 10 years I didn't kill a buck though. I hunted a lot of pretty places, met some good folks, and saw some deer.


Ten Pointer
Not great. I sat more this year than any year previous and saw 6 deer all season. 2 of those came home with me and one ran off with a hole in her backstrap when she ducked the string. Meat in the freezer is a huge blessing but didn't see nearly the amount I would like to have. I think alot has to do with the resident coyote pack, they will be getting shot soon. Doesn't help either that someone drove all over our land with a big vehicle knocking trees down and stealing cams and feeders or the morons that want to go for a walk in the middle of prime time on land they have no business on.

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Ten Pointer
-0- deer this year for me.

Seen one shoter but very early at day break.

Finished hunting today & my wife nearly fell out of stand.
Shoke her up pretty bad & me as well.

On the way home she said the worst season ever!!!!

I said nope you did not fall & it could have been a lot worse!!!

Very strange this year for sure.

Try to do better next year.

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Six Pointer
3rd season down and only one deer in my season so about the as the last 2 season.

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Aaron H

Twelve Pointer
I messed up an "easy" shot during bow season, wounding the buck but I don't think the arrow would kill him- completely my fault and I'm still hurting from that. I took 2 mature bucks that I had on camera and was specifically hunting, with my muzzle loader so no complaints there. I bought a Kentucky rifle hunt for a whitetail- In spite of all of the assurances by the outfitter, 5 dark to dark hunts never showed me a buck that I wanted. Kentucky= not good at all. I made a short bear hunt in Bertie County and took my first bear which was an awesome experience. 2 nice bucks and a bear.... I'm very happy with my season.


Old Mossy Horns
I will give it an A. We scouted after last year and moved some stands, cut some trails and lanes and it paid off. We also planned on hunting less and I believe this helped with our opportunities the times we did go. I saw deer every sit. My buddy shot a real nice 10 in early Nov.. Another good friend and I doubled up one day on decent 8's. Another friend who comes up from FLA each year for a week shot one too. A few weeks later I shot an even better 8. Then we got the news that the land was being sold and it would be the last year hunting there. And with a week to go in the year, the deal fell through and the property is not for sale! The only negative, and it was self imposed, was that I didn't go a lot.


Old Mossy Horns
Every deer season is a great one to me. This year I shot one of my targeted deer and 2 more. 1 for a land owner , and 1 for a friends family. 5C957947-72A1-448E-BA40-12E36ACF5B7D.jpeg8078A4B5-B906-4795-B594-938BF995518F.jpeg
The first pic is the harvest , note the broken tine.
The next one is before it was broken off.
All in all I’d give 2019 an A+.


Twelve Pointer
A+ for me. Got a 6x6 on my first day elk hunting, filled my two Nebraska tags on quality representative bucks out there, saw deer on all but one evening hunt in SC and explored new land in NC. Could have filled my two SC tags on lesser bucks or bought doe tags and tagged out on does but with a freezer full of elk and then two Midwest bucks, I was being real picky. 2020 looks to be filled with scouting aNd focusing on killing a “big to me” NC public land buck down around Raleigh and any decent buck here in the mountains I can run into. For out of state, think I got it narrowed down to antelope, mule deer and elk; no Midwest whitetail since I’m focusing on my 120” public land goal here in the Ole North State.


Staff member
Overall: C.

NC Mzl hunt: A. Got to take a doe with my best friend and he took an 8 ptr. Had a great time.
Ohio hunting: F. Didn't see a single deer. Corn wasn't cut until mid November. Wasn't worth the time to go out.
Missouri Hunting: C. Saw deer every time I went out, but couldn't get a shot on one.


Old Mossy Horns
Not much into giving a grade. I didn’t kill anything super nice, but I spent a lot of time in the woods and saw more deer than I have in a long time. Passed up a ton of deer that I would normally shoot. Saw a lot more bear than I care to see.

Had two 135-140” deer I let walk on our place in Va in hopes of them making it. Also made it easier with a 160”+ on camera. Haven’t seen any of them on camera since first week of gun season.

Overall I’m happy, I got to see a lot of deer and have a little meat in the freezer.

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Twelve Pointer
C, i guess. My son was born in September and i knew i would not get to go much. Only got to go 5 times and the 6th time i went turned into a squirrel hunt. I was still nice to sit in the woods. I only saw 4 deer. Made some new feeders and got a new blind and chair for the blind for Christmas so I am ready for next year just like everybody. Ready for the day my son can go with me too.


Button Buck
I’ll give mine an A. Killed two respectable bucks, several does, and a bear with a bow. Hunted Sika deer for the first time, and took a four day hunting trip in the mountains. As far as seeing “big” bucks it wasn’t the hottest for that but I had a really good time out in the woods this year. Still have a couple days left in VA to hopefully find one last deer!

45/70 hunter

Twelve Pointer
"F" for fail. I could have tagged out during muzzle loader but it was so damn hot I didn't want to mess with dragging and cleaning. I saw a total of one deer during rifle season and I probably had my most ever sits in a season.


Old Mossy Horns
My hunting time has been reduced over the years from 35 to 50 sits to maybe 8 to 10 this year. Got to take my 3yr old once this year and that makes it an A+. We passed on a few does never had a shooter buck oresident us with a shot. Work schedules really ate into our sit time. Gonna do more off season work this year and get back into targeting bucks and better hunting spots.

Dan Apple

Old Mossy Horns

Like others they're all A+ as long as I'm out there... this year in particular though I wasnt sure I'd even get to hunt.... total of 3 back surgeries this year alone..... I hunted NINE times and killed 2- 10 pointers that I think anyone would be proud to have.

If there is a down side to any of it,,, I spent less time in the woods that ever before any my soul desperately needs it right now,,, but my body wont allow it... I'm sitting on the couch recooping from surgery again right now and it'll be at least a couple weeks before I can even go walking around outside the house.


Twelve Pointer
I agree with no grading the season, there were highs and lows
Newfie Moose hunt - awesome
Ontario Deer hunt - High - hunted with my son and we got a couple of deer, Low my Dad had decided to pack up the hunting boots, so he was only there in spirit and had to email him daily reports
Wisconsin - High - new property with old friends that ended up with a sausage doe for the freezer


D. Only reason it wasn't an F was because I managed to get 2 does near the end of the season. I had more sits this year than almost any year and saw exactly 11 deer all season long with only one decent buck during daylight

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
It was perfect.
Rut action galore.
One 10pt buck kind enough to give me three opportinuties, third time was charm.
2nd 9pt. buck shows up within bow range making for an easy rifle shot and recovery.
Tagged out by the time the big guns started rolling. My goal every year.
Bonus was a sit with my five year old grandson. man that was fun. :)


Old Mossy Horns
I won't give the season a letter grade; every season has its successes and failures. I was able to hunt a lot more this year and saw a lot of deer, so that was a success.
I decided early that I would limit myself to bucks only and as a result, I only took one buck and not a great one either, so that goal was mixed.

One big success; I needed to lose 20 lbs to fit comfortably in my hunting pants, (lost 25 lbs total).

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