Radix camera?


Ten Pointer
Like all the rest,probably come out with a slap on the wrist and move on to another deal under an assumed title. All that are known names in our sport that do thinks to embarasse all of us should be given the maximum and made an example of.


Twelve Pointer
"I’ll be honest, I’m kind of impressed by this dude. Between filming himself trespassing, filming himself poaching, maintaining 2 BH.Com forum accounts, at least half a dozen accounts on other forums(that I know of), pushing trail cams and scentlocker gear, and maintaining multiple Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/YouTube accounts how in the hell does he find time to hawk counterfeit truck bumpers on eBay. Hell, I just searched on google and he’s even got a boonerville hunting account on a Pokémon forum (you think he poaches those critters too?). You could probably search a forum dedicated to nickel mining in Zimbabwe and you would find a boonerville hunting account on there."

Which one of you is opossumhunterNC.....that right there is some funny S&*t!!!


Old Mossy Horns
There is no fixing this guy....he will be like this forever. I cant believe he hasnt done something bad enough to get prison time yet.

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