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Six Pointer
I'v been working out over the past year and half at a local gym. I like the place but damn is it ALWAYS over crowded for how big the gym is. Plus I'm just a little wore out on the whole traditional gym experience. I'v been searching around for somewhere else to workout. I don't wanna go to Planet Fitness even though it is seriously cheap. It's just not my cup of tea. Any one have a recommendation in the Winston Salem/Clemmons area?

I came across a place that really peaked my interest called 9Round Fitness. It's a kickboxing style gym. If anyone has or is currently a member at a location I would be really interested to hear what you have to say about them.



Eight Pointer
I train at the Gracie BJJ gym off 421 by Jonestown Rd. Theres a gym in our space called Tribe Fitness. It's small but not crowded and they are a crossfit type of place. I belong to the YMCA in Clemmons, have you checked it out? It all depends on timing.


Twelve Pointer
I really enjoyed the xfit gym here in Roanoke Rapids. Had to drop out a few months back due to too many responsibilities and am now looking forward to going back. Its a different approach to working out and i dropped a ton of weight quickly.


Ten Pointer
Camel City Crossfit. I grew up with a couple of the instructors. Great guys. One is a firefighter. His brother(don't know him) is a police officer. If I were into acquiring more hernias, I'd go there.


Six Pointer
X2 for Jerry Long YMCA in Clemmons. Group classes for whatever level of workout you are looking for. Lots of equipment, nice pool, plus hot tub and steam room to ease the kinks out when you’re done. I am there most nights. I have lost almost 75 lbs in the past year, and pretty sure I wouldn’t have done it if not for that place.

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Old Mossy Horns
What are you training for? I have a Y membership, but most of what I do is running and biking on the roads.