Puppy food.


Six Pointer
I’ve got some pups only two weeks old right now But I’ll be starting them on some canned food soon I wanted to see what y’all recommend on a better quality food to start some pups on. Thanks in advance!


Old Mossy Horns
Yep, feed mine the same thing from tit to tree I feed my adults. I start mine off at three weeks with dry feed I put in a blender and just LIGHTLY bump it to it mulches it up. Mix it with warm water and make a slurry. They usually will get after the juice and half way eat it the first couple of times. By about the third day they are cleaning up what they aren't wearing. LOL

Woods and water

Ten Pointer
I've always started them with a 20 pound bag of puppy chow and a couple pounds of powder milk. Cover the dry food with the milk and mix in warm water. They will eat it until they look like they will explode . Once that bag is gone I feed the same I feed the rest of the hounds.