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Old Mossy Horns
My Boykin had her pups Friday night/ early Saturday morning. I’m a pessimist by nature, I expect the worse. My wife has made me look at things a lot differently since the day we met, but with puppies being born, it’s basically a anxiety marathon.
My wife was on a business trip Wednesday night and Thursday night. Thursday night, just me and my daughter. My dog started acting really weird. That kinda weirdness only a soon to be momma dog has. Some of y’all know exactly what I’m talking about. I laid in bed stressing all night listening to her pace and pant and scratch. My whelping box is set up downstairs but with just me and my daughter, I couldn’t leave my my lil girl. Friday morning, I put her downstairs and took Shelby to her daycare. I went straight back home. I stayed with her all day Friday. Never left her side. My wife got home Friday evening and we all ate supper downstairs. Gemmie was still acting weird. Finally my wife and daughter went upstairs to go to bed and I followed them to get a blanket and Gemmie came upstairs. We were standing in bedroom and Gemmie came across the bedroom floor and literally had a puppy in mid stride. She picked it up and took off to the closet and started cleaning it up. I immediately grabbed the pup and we went downstairs. That was 8:25 pm. She had #2 at 10:30. #3 at 11pm. #4 came at 1:15am and was still born. 1:30am she had #4 (alive). 4:30 am she had not had another. I called the vet and she said bring her in. 5:45am they were prepping her for c-section and got three more out. A puppy had became lodged at base of birthing canal so she’d never had them un-assisted. We got home at 9am. 4pm we lost another puppy but it was never “quite right”. It seemed under developed. My wife stayed with it the whole time trying to get it to nurse. She was upset. So now, I have 6 happy and healthy pups doing well and momma doing good to.
I love this dog dearly. She is very good at her job. She is my dog of a lifetime and truly is the best hunting buddy I’ve ever had and possibly, the best I’ll ever have. I’m just grateful she is ok and I have 6 little future duck/quail nightmares. It was rough for me but worth it. I went about 58 hours and never slept. I was getting delusional and could not think things out properly. My wife made me go to bed last night. All is good now!!!!96DBC662-39C6-423F-96FA-9A2FDFDD26BE.jpeg



Old Mossy Horns
Congrats Darkthirty! Sorry you and your dog had to go through that ordeal. I feel the same way about my Boykin.
And, Lastfling, if someone told me they had a Boykin and it WASN'T a "wild child", I'd be suspect of it's breeding!:)


Old Mossy Horns
Glad you caught she was in distress with the unborn pups and got her to the vet. I have had literally hundreds of pups born here and luckily no trips to a vet due to birthing problems but when they happen pups will die quick once that sack around them breaks and the decomposition starts. In no time the female is in grave danger.


And, Lastfling, if someone told me they had a Boykin and it WASN'T a "wild child", I'd be suspect of it's breeding!:)[/QUOTE]

I have a 3 month old Blue Heeler that gives her a run for her money though. LOL.

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Jake NFC

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Glad all worked out. Nothing like a Boykin puppy. My screen name “ Jake NFC” was my first ones name and he won 2 Boykin National Field Trials. Dog of a lifetime.