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Old Mossy Horns
Guys just ran into something. Using the mini shot shells and slugs with the adapter. After having it a year or more, gun being in the ATV and truck for summer heat.... The adapter just falls out under recoil.
Gun then locks up. It is not a gun problem, it is the adapter that is a rubber plug.
Looks like the adapter gets soft, shrinks some then fails to stay in place being hit by shells. It will roll back then be pushed out.

Do to this I will use my 20ga for now or go back to normal shells.
Looks like the rubber get soft and shrinks so maybe wrong type off ruber used or needs metal inside with spring to lock in place.

On a side note from that I added the NDZ red aluminum safety to do.away with the plastic.
I like it so far. It has lots better feel and aluminum not plastic.
Mack sure you do it when you break down for full cleaning or just make sure the action is back to hold parts in place.2787727878


Old Mossy Horns
Interesting.... I’ve always been leery of the mini shells, but once I get a KSG25 I plan on running some

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Old Mossy Horns
Been in contact and the manufacturer was great and very fast getting back to me, we had several emails and pictures.
All in all handled really nice. They are sending me another to try that is an updated model.

Just an FYI they are no longer on Amazon. There were fakes that were being sold and shilped by Amazon from what I hear.

We think this is real. He said he would help out. Got to remember it is rubber..Who knows what the property of the rubber will be years down the road. May be an item you replace every few years.

There was on trick for those that shot shorts all the time just place a section of tape accross the bottom of it and the sides of the gun about 1" or so.

I will see what the new one is like.


Old Mossy Horns
Just an update. Added the new short shell adapter and it fits lots better and stays in place.
Also added the NDZ safety and tube follower, both are nice add ons to see the bright red safety and red follower. Safety has a lot better feel. Did them on both the 20 and 12 ga.

Just a FYI and WIW
If doing it again, or someone asking, just get a 20 ga and use the shells as is. No real need for the 12 with shorts other than the added round count.