Price drop $175 metal building, deer cooler, or....


Eight Pointer
$250 2" square tubing frame with lexan windows on side and top.
6' wide x 10' long x 93" tall
2 doors with a total opening of 48" wide x 6' 6" tall
Aluminum diamond tread floor

You could put some roofing metal on top and make a storage building, or add a refrigeration unit and make a deer cooler.
Located at East Bend 27018

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Ashy Larry

Eight Pointer
Mud I bought the stainless stove pipe from you a while back and this here has also caught my eye. I think it would work for a deer or pig cooler.

NC 270

Six Pointer
I'm thinking it would be good for storing a motorcycle or better yet make a portable tool trailer out of it. If I had anyway of hauling it I would be on my way there.