Powerbelt bullets


Eight Pointer
I've seen lots of guns that shot the PB's beautifully on paper, but the terminal performance just isn't there consistently. Been shooting the original Barnes expanders since they came out, no need to look for your deer, just start dragging.
^^This, except I have switched to the blue tip version. I've been shooting Barnes for 14 years, and have only had to track 1, and it was easy. The rest are either DRT or run less than 20 yards.


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Barnes ....I tried these in a new ML after looking for the right combination for this gun, no problem trailing.......KerPlunk where they stood...


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Ive only shot 2 deer with a ML. Last year I shot a Powerbelt green tip 250 gr and had great blood on a double lung shot but the deer ran about 50-75 yards; this year I switched to a Barnes 250 gr all copper expandable. Shot one in the heart, 10 yards she piled up. I think I'll stick with the Barnes


Button Buck
I shoot the 295gr. Aerotip PowerBelt out of a Optima V2 and it punishes the deer, I have only had to track 1. I get thru and thru shots and the bullet destroys everything it hits. The picture is the exit hole of a doe shot with this bullet,turned the lungsthumbnailexit.jpeg to jelly.


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Hornady xtp 240 grn, all i use never had any issue with blood trail or killing power with good shot placement .


Old Mossy Horns
I have shot them for years.. do not kill many with the ML but of the ones I have.. I have never had to track a single one with the 295 hollow point.. high shoulder and none of them have ever taken a step.

That said they rarely have exit wounds so if I am off a bit, I suspect the blood trail would be sparse until the cavity filled to the hole.


Old Mossy Horns
I think next year I will go back to making my own bullets.
May even go as far to bring the 42" long barrel out with 69 cal round balls.
Man what an old thread.


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I found powerbelts sot very accurately as well but performed poorly on game. I think I was shooting around a 200gr 50 cal projectile. I started using Hornaday FPB 350gr and solved that problem with my 50. Good hard hitting accurate projectile that expands good and does the damage. Same style as the powerbelts just a integrated copper skirt instead of a fall off plastic.