Power washer 7 hp Briggs


Old Mossy Horns
Guys I have a sears power washer been used maybe 2 times. Pulled it out on the 3rd time and would not build pressure.
Would like to sell it just as is or for the motor.
Motor ran fine and would fire up easy last year. Just never wanted to put the time into it. Has hose and should be able to find the gun for it.20190325_171915.jpg20190325_171928.jpg20190325_171928.jpg
It is a good motor should do fine for project, gocart, log splitter or gen.
Not sure what is wrong but told it should just need o rings in the pump.
Lets start at 200 OBO local pickup only raleigh.



Eight Pointer
I'd check the unloader valve on it if you are interested in keeping it. On my mid sized power washer the unloader valve gets hung up about every year or so from corrosion and wont build pressure. If that's the issue, it an easy fix even if the valve needs to be replaced...fyi


Eight Pointer
Would be interested but 2.7 GPM is rather low. If you have used well water and it has been sitting, there maybe mineral deposit build up. A good pump/valve cleaning may fix.