Eight Pointer
May have to zoom in to see them. 2 hens with 5 little ones that I saw. Could have been more I didn’t see in the woods. Just down the road from where I hunt. Looked big enough to give me hope that they’ve got a pretty good survival chance.


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Ten Pointer
Just came back from Pamlico Co on a quick turn around trip. I saw 2 hens standing together on 70 outside of New Bern and each had ~6-8 poults. No pictures because I was running 70-ish trying to get home.


Old Mossy Horns
Seen 2 hens with 2 poults. 1 the size of a chicken and the other the size of a large quail.
Less than a half mile from my house in Harnett


Six Pointer
I finally saw a hen with 7 or 8 chicken sized poults up here. Only ones I've seen this year. Does anyone else get funny looks when they lock a vehicle up in the middle of the road and jump out to count turkeys? Had to give one guy the finger and tell him to watch his mouth smh


Twelve Pointer
Saw about 10 poults this weekend, 6-8 in one group and 2-3 in another. They seemed really small for this time of year, about the size of small chickens. Don’t know if hen nested late, reheated or that’s normal.