Old Mossy Horns
Seen 3 hens with 5 poults big enough to fly and did fly. All 5 were same age so only the 1 hen must have produced them. The other 2 hens were providing cover and protection I guess. Saw all them about a half mile from house this morning.


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She’s down to 2


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Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
4 hens with 9 poults here this morning, 2 more who regularly bring poults arrived without any in tow.
Probably less than normal years, but late hatches may still be tucked in and not coming to the backyard yet.


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Walking one of the smaller ridges in the pasture. Look down at my right foot and there’s a hen exploding off the ground . Two youngins right behind her. They fly off to the tree line. Those little buggers can cruise. That’s the first time I’ve seen em take flight like that. Mama was in the trees chirping. Turned around and 3 more of em were just sitting there frozen. We stood there for a good minute before they shot off the ground and peeped as they flew across to meet the others. 30 min later the farmer was driving over that spot with the tractor and sprayer. Glad the 3 stragglers didn’t get doused or mushed . The whole thing took me by such surprise my initial thought was “what in the hell are them grouse doing with a Turkey?”