Twelve Pointer
Been watching 2 hens that have 5 poults between them. They were showing up every evening. Went on work trip and today I saw the 2 hens and no poults. Fingers crossed they stayed back in the woods and didn’t become Wiley coyote’s dinner.

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
I saw at least 9 poults this am.
Glad to see them as they solved the mystery of the three gobblers I saw on the edge of the road one spring morning with their necks stuck out.
Seems there is a free range chicken operation in that spot that now has some free ranging turkeys.
I am thinking this is going to be a good spot to let some beginning callers work on their skills. :)

ol bob

Button Buck
I have 11 hens that come through the yard every day and have not seen a poult this year not looking good.

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
So the 9 poults were out this am. one was feeling frisky and was perched up on a box house all blown up in that dominance posture we all love to see.

I pulled out the henbone call I ride around with ;stopped and yelped at the group. Those heads shot up and they were sure looking but alas no response.

I sure hope these live long enough to be able to respond. :) Practice turkeys. Ugly colored tame practice turkeys. LOL


Staff member
seen a hen today (she was a monster) with poults that were smaller then guinea hens,,,,small little buggers,,,,

3rd rut???


Twelve Pointer
Saw 3 hens with 17 poults and another with six today. Most I’ve seen in years. All poults about size of chickens


Ten Pointer
A friend texted me a picture last night of 4 hens with 14 poults up in Northern Gaston. We know of two which fell prey to hawks out of one clutch a couple of weeks ago. These are getting almost too big for a hawk so maybe some will make it.