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Sticky Posting and you!


My roommate and I got quite a chuckle out of that one Tip.

"The kids will laugh at you!!"""


Old Mossy Horns
yes please make this a sticky. all of these threads from so many new people about stuff weve already had is getting annoying


HAHAHA!! slow down billy before you make a new thread!! lol :) haha


hahahaha.... that was great. I have to admit im guilty of atleast one thing on there at one point or another..... great video!!

Dan Alvarado

I just finished watching the video and it is soo funny1 thanks for sharing..

Canadian Black Bears

i think every person who joins should be required to read and watch this

I agree, everybody who joins should have to read this. I too have been guilty of some of the offences mentioned. Great reminder even for senior guys and gals.