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I measure pollen on my windshield when I get in my truck to go to work. Today was LESS than Monday!

My best pollen story.

I had just moved up to NC from S Florida. It was March. Met a pretty girl, invited her over and then "storms" came through. I was from S Florida. I'd seen storms (or so I thought). It was dry and no wind for like 2 weeks in our part of NC in early April. THEN a front pushed through. I'll never forget the night in front of the storms.

A downburst caused a GIANT cloud of yellow snow, except it went UP, and then a 360 degree haze of yellow/green. Then Lightning, then thunder. To the point I cowered in my basement as suggested. That was my most terrified time ever in NC. A HUGE yellow cloud, proceeded by a thunderstorm lol.

I prefer the recent times where we wash our vehicles ever 2 weeks.

Eric Revo

Old Mossy Horns
When I first moved back to NC from Florida my body wasn't used to all the new pollen, it tore me up to the point where I needed to see an allergist. I would not be able to climb the hill in my driveway back to the house after checking the mail without losing my breath and having to gasp for air. After the grid testing the allergist put me on a rescue inhaler, called it "adult onset asthma" for insurance purposes, and told me to give it 5 years before coming back to see him.
He was spot on, I rarely need the rescue inhaler anymore, my Springtime symptoms are controllable with inhaled OTC steroids, and my yearly bout of respiratory "Sickness" is pretty well gone.
It's amazing the difference that a few years makes as your body adjusts to new stimuli, people just aren't aware of how it works and often mistake allergic reactions with a true illness.


Ten Pointer
I took allergy shots for years, they helped me for sure. I'm still good for 1 bad sinus infection every spring though.... at least my eyes and nose aren't swollen where I can't see or breathe!