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POA: Health Care POA: Advance Health Care Directive


Old Mossy Horns
While we are on the subject of Wills and Final Arrangements, let me throw out a few more items to consider. Not looking for answers per se but just might make someone think about putting some of these in place if you do not already have them.

I had all of there done along with the last update of my will and my Health Care Directive is on file at my Health Care Service Provider.

Something else to think about.........


Twelve Pointer
Along these lines, please make sure your family is well aware of your wishes and is not going to override your final wishes when you are unable to make your decisions. I have seen it a plenty of times, people come into the ER with advance directives such as DNR, DNI, MOST form etc and family overrides their wishes. Yes, if you are unable to speak for yourself, your family can override your advance directives. It happens all the time. So make sure your family is well aware of what you want done and don’t want done. And that they will respect those wishes when the time comes, even if they aren’t ready to let you go.