Plugging a hole in a poly sprayer tank


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Long story short I recently bought a 60 gallon boom sprayer. Due to a poor design of the tank and brackets holding it in place it now has a hole in the bottom of the tank the first time I used it. They put small circular indentions to help hold the tank in the bracket but it sheared off and likely the other 7 will shear off eventually also. Does anyone know of a product or method that would fix this? I know most products don't bond very well to poly so im open to any ideas.


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Will that actually stick to poly? I’ve used it on some other stuff with ok results.
Yes, I patched a 30 gallon tank with it on an ATV sprayer where a guy turned over with it on there three years ago and it has held up fine. I have also used it on PVC and polycarbonate.


Old Mossy Horns
How big is the hole?

NC cat fisherman has nailed it. Works good on small holes. If larger....may have to find a patch and utilize the combined epoxy and patch.

Silicone and a patch may work as well. Most large tanks are not pressurized....just the hoses. May see a very minor vacuum....if the pump pushes faster than the vent lets in. I’d highly doubt it would.

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The absolute best I have used for any patching/stopping a leak in practically any material is Marine Tex and piece of fiberglass cloth. Seen it work on an aluminum pond boat stopping several leaks....thing about it is once it sets up it gets hard as steel...can be sanded to smooth finish and painted to blend in....much like auto shops use Bondo on vehicles.


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a rubber grommet / plug ? probably at auto parts stores. wait , all auto parts stores may be closed.


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Hard to tell from the leak but if it is round or drill it out add rubber washer on each side the use SS bolt and just tighten it up.
Should seal and hold.


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JB water-weld 2 part puddy along with flex tape. This is what we use on our poly Ag tanks. Make a ball with the puddy, press it into the crack from the inside. Let dry. Flex tape over the hole on the outside of the tank. Flex tape will hold all kinds of pressure.


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. Does anyone know of a product or method that would fix this?

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