Pistol while black powder season


Button Buck
Sorry this has prob. Been asked multiple times, I'm just not sure how to phrase it in search function.
Come Oct. I'm getting dropped off in Pisgah NF. for a black powder hunt. Can I have my 9mm pistol with me? I know you can during archery but the wording is so vague it's hard to make sense on reg.s in this regard. I interpreted no you can't but Ive been wrong...a lot before.


Old Mossy Horns
Must have a concealed handgun permit to carry a firearm concealed on game lands. Open carry is perfectly legal at any time except on certain game lands.

  • Firearms may be carried openly, or concealed with a valid concealed handgun permit, at any time on game lands, except for the game lands noted in this section. Hunting is allowed ONLY during the open seasons on game birds and game animals. On Buckhorn, Chatham, Harris, Hyco, Lee, Mayo, and Sutton Lake game lands, and Pee Dee River Game Land north of U.S. 74, and that portion of R. Wayne Bailey-Caswell Game Land that is located north of U.S. 158 and east of N.C. 119 during closed seasons and closed hunting days on game birds (waterfowl, doves, woodcock, snipe, rails, gallinules, moorhens, coots, grouse, pheasant, quail, turkey) and game animals (deer, bear, fox, rabbits, squirrels, bobcats, opossum, raccoon), it is unlawful to possess any firearm readily available for use. During that time in which fox season is the only open season for a game animal, it is also unlawful to possess these weapons. However, persons may possess a firearm during the closed season on these game lands if:
    • it is cased or not immediately available for use;
    • it is used by persons participating in field trials on field trial areas;
    • it is possessed in designated camping areas for defense of persons and property;
    • or if it is a .22-caliber pistol with a barrel, not greater than 7.5 inches in length and shooting only short, long or long rifle ammunition, carried as a side arm.