picked up a tactacam today,,,


Four Pointer
I have been eyeing them for a couple years but haven’t but the bullet. Which model did you get? Let us know what you think of it.


Six Pointer
I've actually searched Google for "knock off tactacam" because I didn't like the price. Apparently there's not a 'store brand'...


Eight Pointer
I actually got one for Christmas and used it while rabbit hunting, just one word, awesome! Can't wait to go to Ohio and PA for turkey, should be some really good footage.


Eight Pointer
I picked up the “Solo” model a month or so before turkey season. After using it on most of my hunts I am looking at buying the 5.0 for the zoom and remote.

I missed getting some awesome footage from my opening day bird because the camera stops recording at 10 min. That tidbit wasn’t in any of the info so the file ends just as the turkey comes into sight through the woods. I was focused on the bird and “knew” I was getting the footage.

The app allows you to use your phone to start/stop recording but I have to carry a small juice box to power the phone.

The audio is surprisingly good for such a little device and internal mic.

red neck richie

Six Pointer
I have been contemplating getting one for a while now. If you could let me know what is the maximum distance they are good out to with clarity.. As well as HD picture quality. If your not that impressed I may go with a knockoff.


Eight Pointer
The Solo has a 3x zoom, which is similar to what your eye sees I have read.

I would guess that max distance really depends on what you are trying to video. The larger the animal the farther away it could be.

I had some gobblers at ~50 yards last night. They were small on video but you could easily tell what they were.


Button Buck
Good call with the Solo model and the zoom. I remember years ago being so excited to have a longbeard come in at 30 yards with a Gopro mounted on the old Mossberg. Needless to say I never went pro- he looked like a tiny dark blob with the angle being so wide!