Picked up a hunting buddy


Old Mossy Horns
I don’t see these guys too often so I thought it was neat he hitched a ride on my bow.
Interesting tan body color / green legs...the only one's I've ever seen have been green all over.
Maybe they change color during different times of year as the few I've seen have been in the summer


Eight Pointer
Cool hitchhiker. I love seeing them, they've got some great camouflage though.

I found five adult mantids hanging out in a butterfly bush in Durham County this summer. I only noticed them when I saw a butterfly wing dangling & moving oddly before it fell to the ground. I looked closer and saw praying mantis hanging out near the flowers trying to catch butterflies. As I looked around the bush, I found four others hunting the same way. All I had was a sorry cell phone camera, so I've got no images to share.



Old Mossy Horns
There are 3 species of mantids commonly found in NC:

Chinese mantid- green and brown, not native
Eurasian mantid- bright green, not native
Carolina mantid- brownish gray in color, native species