Phenomenal Turkey Season


Four Pointer
I tagged out about mid season and it was one of the best seasons I have ever had.

Bird 1: 11 1/4 in beard
1 1/4 in spurs
23.5 lbs
Opening morning very windy in WNC sat up in a very large cow pasture. I had two hen decoys out and a strutter setup just off a river that runs through the property. Around 8am I finally heard one start gobbling. I called twice and he pitched up across the river and landed right next to my strutter decoy. I had to wait about 10 minutes to shoot due to the cows being directly behind the bird. Fun to watch him strut and bump the decoys for that time.

Bird 2: 9 3/4 in beard
3/4 in spurs
20.2 lbs
Not as big of a bird put this one was fun. Public Land in WNC he would gobble his head off in the afternoons and not make a noise in the mornings. I hunted this bird 9 times before I got him and could see him in his roost tree when he would fly up 7 of those times. I heard him gobble more than I had ever heard another turkey gobble. Most of these evening hunts would end with him roosting within 60 yards of where I was setup with about 6 hens all around him. Finally one afternoon I had set up with a hen decoy and a jake. He gobbled on his own at 6:50 pm. I called twice and he came running down the logging road at a full sprint right to the decoys. I enjoyed this bird more because of the previous encounters.IMG_3394.jpgDB882BB0-.jpg

oldest school

Old Mossy Horns
IMO- Killing a specific turkey that you have messed with multiple times is hard. Congratulations on sticking with one and getting it done.
I am zero for the month of May trying to kill one specific turkey in two states. I dont think i went 9 times on either of them but it was close. :)