Personal best


Old Mossy Horns
While everyone is at Oak Island fighting for a spot on the point, I settled for the beach 40’ off the porch of the house we are staying in. Got my personal best trout at 23-1/2” followed by a 23” and a 18”. @CBD21 and his dad came and caught some good Spanish as well with biggest being right at 5 lbs. Plus, my wife brought us all a big ol’ bowl of cheese grits and biscuits while we were fishing. Great morning in Gods country!!441C09E8-56CC-4B65-8B73-26C8437C03B0.jpegD0B94CFC-C480-4A89-8B04-A1246E726CC9.jpeg


Four Pointer
Nice catch. Heading down to Sunset Beach next week for some fishing. Hopefully the bull reds will cooperate.


Twelve Pointer
See many kayaks? NCKFA is having their Oak Island Classic this weekend. One King caught and a 30" Spanish.